Embedding modern SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams as personal apps (preview)

14 june 2020 – Microsoft Teams Team

Embedding modern SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams as personal apps (preview)

Applies to: Microsoft 365

You can use the Microsoft Teams personal app model to pin any modern SharePoint page to the left navigation of Microsoft Teams. This provides a great opportunity to expose intranet landing pages to serve corporate communication needs, directly accessible by Microsoft Teams users. Example scenarios could include:
  • Adding your corporate intranet landing page to Teams for easy discovery of news and content
  • Add the Learning Pathways solution to Teams to embed Microsoft 365 learning paths for your users
  • Add single page communications on important topics for your company

Use the steps defined in this article to embed any modern SharePoint page or site in Teams.

SharePoint portal embedded to Teams


You can embed any modern SharePoint page in Microsoft Teams by creating a Teams personal app and manually creating the needed configuration for this custom setup. Be aware of the following considerations:

  • This capability is provided as a PREVIEW INTEGRATION PATH until a native solution becomes available.
  • The target must be a modern SharePoint site or page. Embedding classic publishing portals or other classic sites or pages is not supported and will not work.
  • A user can add a personal app from the APPS link in Teams. A user can pin an app to the app bar (the left-most navigation in Teams) by right-clicking it and choosing PIN.
  • Administrators can deploy and pin an app to all or targeted users from the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  • There are some gaps in user experience including the following, which we are actively looking to address in a future, integrated solution:
    • There is no native navigation, header, or footer on embedded pages.
    • Search initiated from Teams will return search results from Teams, not search results from the embedded site.
    • You cannot create content (news, pages, lists, or libraries) in Teams. You must create content from the SharePoint site using a web browser or SharePoint mobile app.
    • Page comment feature is not available from the SharePoint pages, when they are exposed in Microsoft Teams
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